“Try this embodiment exercise: savoring sensuality. Think back to the moment where you experienced the most pleasure and indescribable joy. Was it when you laughed until your belly hurt and your eyes watered? Was it when your tongue savored the juicy goodness of a food that fueled your body, connected you to culture, and brought you into community with others? Hold this memory in your mind and revisit the goodness of that experience. The moments that we experience the most pleasure tend to come from living in the moment, not overthinking the past or anxiousness of the future but living in the gift of the present.

“Now ground yourself in the present moment. What does it feel like to slow down and take big breaths into your lungs? To slow down without needing to earn your rest? To put your phone, email alerts, or social media on silent? To realize that you don’t have to instantly respond to each message at the expense of your mental and physical health?

“Pleasures come from moment when we live in our body: out of our heads and into the fullness of who we are in the present.”

Tara Teng in Your Body Is a Revolution