Please stop and reflect on one question at a time. These contemplative questions may move your attention into unfamiliar, even uncomfortable territory, so you may find yourself resisting or distracting your mind. You may feel restless or agitated. Simply take a deep breath and return to the question, let it simmer, and see what arises. This is your private space, so no one else needs to know what comes up. You can make notes in your journal and return to any question at a later time….

If one of the questions … seems particularly rich for you, carry it with you like a bud until it opens.

Who is the shadow character within that stops you from stopping? Who is your Doer, Driver, or Loyal Soldier?

How is your inner ageist involved?

Who is the shadow character that feels “not enough” when you are not the Doer?

How is your fear of death involved?

How did the Doer protect you in the past? How does the Doer sabotage you now in the present?

Can you create a ritual that would allow you to retire the Doer?

If you cannot afford to stop working, how can you change your internal experience of work? Can you bring a different awareness, a quality of presence, and a renewed meaning to your work? Can you see that your individual contribution is connected to a larger contribution to life as a whole?

Connie Zweig in The Inner Work of Age