“How can you forgive yourself for betraying others and your own integrity?

“I remember sitting down one morning and journaling about this after my conversations with Bernard. 'What do I owe myself?' I wrote, followed by, 'How the hell should I know?! Maybe some self-respect? I owe myself a lot of things.' And so, I started writing them all out – everything I owed myself. It was a long list. I realized that forgiving myself meant doing the things I had always avoided: giving myself compassion, developing discipline, giving myself room to fail and get it wrong, believing in myself, and building myself into a man I respected.

“It meant I had to live in such a way that the forgiveness I was seeing from others and myself acted as the guide for my words, actions, and decisions.

“Forgiveness, as I realized, isn’t for the weak or feeble; it’s for the bold and courageous. For the men looking to integrate the aspects of themselves that have seemed unreachable.

“My challenge for you is to let your life become the answer to the question of forgiveness.”