Read [and reflect on the message below] in the context of your own faith, but with a curiosity, an openness, to hear what Native America has to say, to teach, to share…. When you enter into the mystery of these words for yourself, do so without preconception or judgment. With honesty and humility. Enter the deep earth of our ancient longing and reach for the highest branches of our collective hope…. Take each message as you find it. Let it speak to you directly. Ponder its meaning.

Let your life begin again, and let it begin today.
Let truth pass into you with all of its healing grace
An acknowledgement of what has been done
A door, not a cage
An invitation to a fresh start on a path already begun.

Stand and walk, out into the world around you
Back into the broad valleys of your own heart
Feeling life renewed with every step you take.

You are not bound, you are not broken
You are free and you are whole
Rise on the air that streams to heaven.

Put on your faith, put on your hope.
Smile to welcome whatever comes.
For this day your life begins again
And will each day forever.

Steven Charleston in Spirit Wheel