Ours is a terrestrial body. Like the big Earth is pulled toward the sun, the small earth of the body is pulled toward this planet, and while our journey is not an orbit, it is a grounding.

Let your awareness settle into the place where your seat, legs, and/or feet rest against the cushion or chair you are sitting on. With curiosity, explore this feeling of pressure and groundedness, where your body contacts the earth, floor, chair, or cushion.

When your mind becomes restless or preoccupied, let your body’s groundedness draw your mind back, like a magnet draws iron filings. Notice how your body teaches your mind to be stable and still. You might say the body is capable of exerting its own gravitational pull on the mind.

When you notice yourself getting drawn into the mind’s dramas, offer yourself this simple instruction: "Ground."

Willa Blythe Baker in A Future We Can Love by Susan Bauer-Wu