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Create Instant Calm with This Legs-Up-the-Chair Pose

Let go of stress with this simple yet powerful practice from Jillian Pransky, who leads our upcoming online course, Restorative 201. After just five minutes, you’ll feel relaxed, refreshed, and ready to focus on your day with renewed clarity. 

Feel like the calm you cultivate in yoga class dissolves the minute you step off your mat? The answer isn’t necessarily adding more practice to your already-hectic schedule. If you want to learn how to thread the science of deep relaxation into your day, we invite you to join our online course, Restorative 201: Short, Simple Practices to Stay Calm on the Mat (and in the Moment). In this five-week course, taught by international yoga teacher, yoga therapist, and author Jillian Pransky, you will learn bite-sized slow flow and restorative practices, breathing and meditation techniques, and quick reset tools—all designed to integrate into your life easily and immediately. Learn more and sign up today!

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Original author: Jillian Pransky

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A 5-Minute Meditation to Release Anxiety

Detach from anxiety and come back to the present.

Rina Deshpande shares her quick 5-minute meditation to release anxiety and let go of attachments. 

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Original author: Rina Deshpande

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Watch: "I Never Paid for Yoga Until I Came to This Country"

Many yogis talk about making yoga accessible, but how is it actually taking place? While visiting Salt Lake City, Lauren Cohen and Brandon Spratt joined Santosh Maknikar, founder of Yoga for People and Santosh Yoga Institute, for an evening of practice and kitchari in his home studio. Where Santosh grew up in India, everyone could participate in yoga—without paying a cent. In the video above, he discusses his mission to offer the practice to his community for free.

Live Be Yoga ambassadors Lauren Cohen and Brandon Spratt are on a road trip across the country to sit down with master teachers, host free local classes, and so much more—all to illuminate the conversations pulsing through the yoga community today. Follow the tour and get the latest stories @livebeyoga on Instagram and Facebook.

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Original author: Lauren Cohen & Brandon Spratt

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Yoga Helped Me Face My Fears About Marriage Once and For All

It was a humid sunrise on a quiet, sandy beach in Tulum, Mexico. Despite our previous late-night mezcal tasting beneath the jungle leaves, my longtime boyfriend, Anush, had dragged me out of our tiny thatched-roof cabana at first light.

I adjusted my Beyoncé t-shirt and gray cotton shorts I’d worn to bed as I scanned the horizon. When I turned back to Anush, he was kneeling in the sand, holding a typed love letter and a tourmaline engagement ring.

“Will you marry me?” He asked.

I was so incredulous, I couldn’t speak. Feelings of doubt and darkness coursed through me, even though I’d always imagined a future with him: He was the one person who made me feel seen and cared for and uplifted. Still, I was reluctant to commit.

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6 Yoga Teachers Share What They Never Travel Without

Yoga teachers weigh in on what they can’t travel without—plus, our favorite must-brings for every adventure.

Twelve items to pack for your next trip as recommended by these yoga teachers.

Christopher Dougherty

Women's UA Rival Hoodie


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