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Learning Transcendetal Meditation (T.M) online in Texas, USA

Excerpt from a Google Review : “I took the training course from Chris via Zoom in August 2021, and it was one of the best decisions of my life. Since taking the course I have read Jack Forum’s book on Transcendental Meditation, and the process by which Chris taught me is exactly the same as Mr Forum’s description of the process. So if you are concerned that you may not be getting “authentic” experience, have no fear this is the real deal. About 6 months after learning the technique, I went through a very stressful period in my life. We were in ...

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3 night Meditation Retreat by the Sea in beautiful Northumberland?

Fancy a 3 night Meditation Retreat by the Sea in beautiful Northumberland? Open to anyone who has attended a TM (Transcendental Meditation) course. Starting at 4pm on Friday 15th and finishing Monday 18th of March. Give yourself a Spring boost and treat yourself to a lovely 3 night weekend meditation retreat at Alnmouth on the beautiful Northumberland coast this March. As it happens the November one is now almost full, but I do have some lovely en-suite rooms available for the March one. (NEXT MONTH!) If you’re interested let me know right away...

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Learning Transcendental Meditation Online in London

Webmaster: Andrea at Dialogue - Copyright @ 2021 Twenty Minutes Meditation - Independent Transcendental Meditation Teacher - TM classes and courses in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Manchester, York, Ringwood, Southampton, Edinburgh, Glasgow and much more. Learn TM online via Zoom.

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Transcendental Meditation in Tyne & Wear

“Though developed in the Vedic tradition, for me TM is not a mystical, religous or even a New Age practice. It is a practical and down to earth way of dispelling stress, and opening up the ideas section of my mind. No forced focus on the body or on a mantra; no fighting the mind’s purpose, which is to think thoughts. It works the way your mind works. Literally no effort, in fact, effort is a no no! I’ve worked two meditations into my daily routine and the benefits have been dramatic and quite specific; easy stress handling, significantly enhanc...

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Some Transcendental Meditation Comments From 2023

* “The meditation has been great and the online groups are an added bonus too.”  Ian ~ Dunoon, Scotland * “As ever TM continues to provide moments of sanity and even calm in this crazy, wonderful world!”  Claire ~ York * “The meditation has been really good, generally doing once a day, late afternoon.” Brian ~ Manchester * “TM is really powerful and different from all the other methods I have experienced so far.  I already loved meditating, but now I just can’t wait to sit down?  I am doing great and enjoying my meditations.”  Sonja, Lugano, Sw...

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Challenging the positive, popular perception of Transcendental Meditation: a conference presentation

I put together this conference presentation last year. It was intended for a professional audience, but I think it serves as a good overview of what Transcendental Meditation and the TM organization are today, its history, how it came to be popular in the late 1960's and 1970's, the many questionable and misleading aspects of its marketing and underlying doctrine, and the different forms of criticism of TM.There's also a detailed handout that went along with this presentation, containing many more details, citations and references. The original...

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Judgment entered against David Lynch's foundation and Chicago school board in US Federal Court

One of the three civil cases brought against the David Lynch Foundation and the Board of Education of the City of Chicago has reached its conclusion, with judgments against both the DLF and the Board. Quoting the court: (1) Judgment is entered in favor of plaintiff Mariyah Green and against defendant Board of Education of the City of Chicago in the amount of $75,000. This is inclusive of any and all relief available to the plaintiff in this case against the Board including all types of damages; attorney’s fees; costs; interest; and litigation e...

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There is Now a Clear Divide Between the Person I Was and the Person I Am Now

Written by Michael J Dougherty, originally published on Medium. I felt the angry dog’s presence first around 2012. It lived in my Thai Town apartment’s elevator, or so I thought, and every time I left my place and waited for the elevator doors to open, I was struck frozen with the feeling the angry dog would be there, and it would spring from its muscular haunches and tear into my neck. The angry dog, I discovered, never came out of the elevator, but the specter of it hung over me for years, as absolute as my skin. Days, weeks, months, and year...

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What I’ve Learned From Three Years Of Daily Transcendental Meditation

Below is an excerpt from author JB Minton’s article about his journey learning the TM technique. You can read the original article on Medium here.  I was nearly run off the road and it was my fault. I flipped the guy the finger. I looked at him across the lanes of highway traffic, looked him right in the eye, and mouthed the words my finger was already saying. And it nearly got me killed. Something had to change. I had to find a way to avoid my anger controlling my behavior, my life. Now, I had been a mindfulness meditator on and off since the ...

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Transcendental Meditation review from Glasgow

“At the beginning of Covid I was going through a difficult time and a friend suggested I do Chris’s Transcendental Meditation course. I’d tried various sorts of meditation before and had had no success so I was sceptical. I was even more sceptical when I learned the course would be via Zoom. How could one possibly learn TM via Zoom? Well, very easily, as it turns out. Chris created a safe and friendly athmosphere in which to learn, individual issues and preferences were respected. Chris’s teaching was clear, straight forward, jargon-free, fasci...

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A perfect description of why meditation becomes such a precious thing for so many people

Webmaster: Andrea at Dialogue - Copyright @ 2021 Twenty Minutes Meditation - Independent Transcendental Meditation Teacher - TM classes and courses in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Manchester, York, Ringwood, Southampton, Edinburgh, Glasgow and much more. Learn TM online via Zoom.

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Interesting article on how short regular rests help maintain a better quality of life

Webmaster: Andrea at Dialogue - Copyright @ 2021 Twenty Minutes Meditation - Independent Transcendental Meditation Teacher - TM classes and courses in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Manchester, York, Ringwood, Southampton, Edinburgh, Glasgow and much more. Learn TM online via Zoom.

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Transcendental Meditation testimonial from Dorset

“I first learned TM (Transcendental Meditation) nearly 40 years ago when I was in a very dark place after losing my mother. It really helped me a lot, but I did not keep my regular practise up as the years went by. I tried many different meditations, but always came back to TM. It was like an old friend and saw me through many difficult times in my life. It helped me with insomnia too. Several years ago I took a refresher course with Chris Greathead and have been practising regularly ever since. Now there are daily zoom TM meditations online wh...

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A Life Hack For Leaders

The following is written by Mark W. Clark, MS, CNP and originally published on Nonprofit Leadership Alliance. Mark is a retired police officer and currently the Executive Director for a nonprofit education foundation in Pennsylvania. Prior to that, he worked for over six years as a Chief Operations Officer for a national leadership education association.______________________________________________________________________________ There are scarce instances in one’s life that qualify as life-changing events. As I go through my sixth decade on t...

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The dubious research claims of Transcendental Meditation, part 3: Journals are the product of editors and reviewers

Read this series from the beginning.Read the previous installment of this series (Part 2).Recent issue of International Journal of Neuroscience, November 2019Many people are easily impressed by what look like big numbers, and the organizations that offer Transcendental Meditation (TM), including the David Lynch Foundation (DLF), often use numbers in a bid to establish scientific legitimacy among non-scientists and the general public. Here’s a particular paragraph that is part of the preface to one bibliography of research on TM, produced by a T...

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The dubious research claims of Transcendental Meditation, part 2: "peer review" doesn't always mean "quality" or "accuracy"

David Lynch, Sarina Grosswald,and John Hagelin at a David LynchFoundation press conference,December 2011.Read this series from the beginning.This series continues with Part 3, here.The organizations that have promoted Transcendental Meditation (TM), including the David Lynch Foundation (DLF), have for decades repeated the insistence of TM’s founder, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, that extensive scientific research supports their claims of TM’s validity. As I discussed previously, when their claim that “hundreds of published studies” is examined, it’s c...

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The dubious research claims of Transcendental Meditation, part 1: Truly independent research on TM is rare

TM original research listed on the website, evaluated over five-year periods. Meditating individuals and affiliated MIU/MUMfaculty have authored the majority of it since 1981.For over a half century now, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the movement and the organizations that he spawned, and now the David Lynch Foundation, have insisted that their claims supporting Transcendental Meditation have been scientifically validated, and are supported by some consensus among many scientists. The prominence of TM, and the reputations of public figures who ...

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Convicted child pornography collector was a MUM trustee and major donor to TM organizations

It’s a standard article of faith among many practitioners of Transcendental Meditation, that long-term practice of TM improves moral decision making, and a movement spokesperson has even claimed that donating money to the organization will hasten one’s own “personal evolution.” The recent conviction and imprisonment of a long-term meditator, former Maharishi University of Management trustee and major donor to the cause of TM emphasizes what should be obvious: that meditators are seldom any better off than most everyone else, and the people who ...

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From the archives: "TM and Cult Mania" on meditators' responses to criticism

I think a lot of people, who are new to the whole field of raising criticism and objections to Transcendental Meditation, may be a bit unprepared for the kinds of reactions that I've long been on the receiving end of. Hostile reactions from meditators, TM teachers and others who are almost reflexively supportive of any effort to spread the practice of meditation far and wide are common, and they usually take the form of avoidance, distraction or personal attacks on the person raising the objection to TM, along with the usual repetition of the "...

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Maharishi's many euphemisms for "God"

The TM organization has for almost a half-century now denied the religious nature of its methods and doctrine, almost to the point of absurdity. The fact of the matter is that almost all of the TM promotional material - books, websites, the content of introductory lectures - is littered with various synonyms for, what people in much of the world call “God.” More specifically, the underlying system is that of a Vedic, or Hindu, cosmology, and there’s a central concept of supreme divinity or ultimate reality in the TM subculture that they repeat ...

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