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A TM Teacher’s Journey: Finding Clarity and Purpose in Life

It’s a well-known principle of life that the more you give the more you’ll receive, and this has been profoundly experienced by our worldwide community of Transcendental Meditation teachers.

We are incredibly grateful to every one of our teachers, for taking the time and resources to become certified through our 5 month, in-residence TM teacher training course, and for dedicating themselves, whether full or part-time, to helping others find peace and happiness within. Without our network of trained teachers, we wouldn’t be able to share this beautiful technique with the world.

In our latest interview we connect with a new TM teacher, Utsav Bajgain, who, like many others, made a drastic career change to pursue a dream of helping others by teaching Transcendental Meditation.

— What motivated you to leave your successful career at Panasonic to become a TM teacher?
Before I learned the TM technique, I was experiencing burnout, anxiety, and depression. I was coping with alcohol and chain smoking. After TM, not only were anxiety, depression, and burnout gone, but I also had so much energy and creativity to achieve wonders at work and became very creative and a very dynamic problem solver. I found clarity and purpose in life. Essentially, my life flipped for good. And I felt this calling to share this transformative tool with everyone.

Everywhere I go, I see people suffering from high stress, anxiety, and symptoms of mental health conditions. Firstly, I could not help but think how I could bring this technique to those in need. Secondly, until recently, my life was all about taking from situations and circumstances. But, then it became more about giving. So, out of my desire to give back to communities and help people overcome mental health challenges, I decided to become a TM teacher.

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