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The Barber of Little Rock

Share The Oscar-nominated documentary short The Barber of Little Rock is the most inspiring film about financial transactions since Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life. It requires an investment of just 33 minutes of your time and none of your money (it’s posted on YouTube), and the return-on-investment is truth, inspiration, and hope. In Little Rock, Arkansas, highway I-630 marks the line between the haves and the have-nots. On the north side of that line, there are 8,000 people and 14 banks; on the south side, 30,000 people and no banks. The ...

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Spiritual Quotation

There are no enemies

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Conversations with the Source

Share Look back at your day and make a list of the events that stand out to you. Did you notice the sunrise this morning? Did a friend make you laugh? Did the news on the radio, television, or internet fill you with fear or anger? Consider – what is the Divine Voice saying to you through each of these things? Do you hear the affirmation that you are loved? Or might the Spirit be calling you to take action in some way? Now respond in words. You may find it easier at first to write rather than speak. If so, write down both sides of a conversation...

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5 Benefits of Including Mindful Affirmations in Your Daily Routine

This article is independently researched and written by the Mindful editors. However, we may earn revenue or commission upon purchase of products mentioned and/or linked within the article. In today’s fast-paced world, the importance of self-care and mental well-being cannot be overstated. Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s easy to let our sense of inner peace and self-worth slide down the priority list. Affirmations are simple yet powerful statements that we repeat to ourselves to help us shift our mindset, cultivate resilience, ...

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A 12-Minute Meditation for Honoring Our Connection to Ourselves and Others

This racial healing meditation emphasizes interconnection, honoring our connection to self in order to honor our connection to others. Acknowledging our interconnection, we can create space for healing political polarization, racial strife, and really any kind of disconnection in our lives. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be.” This is the interrelated structure of reality. Let us just be with that for a moment. This is such an interconnected reliance. “I can never be what I oug...

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Have a Beautiful Terrible Day

Share Kate Bowler is an interesting person and writer. Born in the United Kingdom, she was raised in Canada and now teaches Christian history at Duke Divinity School in North Carolina. Bowler is a Protestant Christian with evangelical leanings (she’s Mennonite), with the ability to speak generously to a wide audience of people looking for spiritual answers. She’s also a cancer survivor, which informed her earlier New York Times bestseller, Everything Happens for a Reason (And Other Lies I’ve Loved). We enjoyed her perspective in this new book. ...

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To Feel More Love

Share “The stories we have about ourselves can be so loud. That we are never good enough. Never beautiful enough. Never lovable enough. Never talented enough. The list goes on forever. But then we have a God who looks at us with love that feels implausible. Right? So let’s make God’s love for us feel a little more bearable and quiet the terrible voices for the moment. “Reflection prompt: The heart-melting love of a parent for a child taking her first steps. The glistening eyes of a friend who hurts when you hurt. All the qualities of the best p...

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Elinor McGrath, Pet Doctor

Share This book about America's first woman to own a veterinary practice is for anyone who loves animals, needs a burst of self-confidence, or wants to soak up herstory as well as history. It's listed for readers ages five to eight. Elinor McGrath was always interested in animals: "She preferred cows to cooking, sheep to sewing, and dogs and cats to just about anything else." When she wanted to pursue a career caring for them, people told her that women can't be vets — but in 1907, social norms were changing. Elinor applied to multiple vet scho...

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Ancestral Earth

Share Begin with a few moments of centering, allowing your body to soften and your mind to arrive as fully to the present moment as you can. Deepen your breath, and with each inhale, imagine calling in the presence of the Spirit, the Great Breath who breathed all life into being from the very first moment of creation. With every exhale, soften and release anything you are holding onto as much as possible. Let your breath direct your attention from your mind and thoughts down into your body, coming to rest in your heart center. Breathe there for...

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Lectio Divina with Myth or Folktale Excerpt

Share Find a myth, fairy tale, folktale, or other story from one of the cultures of your ancestors. Often you can find things easily by doing an online search at least as a starting place. Once you find a story, spend some time reading it through to see if there is any resonance or dissonance or both within you. Pay attention especially to any sections, phrases, or words that shimmer for you. This means that it somehow calls to you and invites you to linger. Perhaps the story crafts an image that resonates deeply or stirs a memory. Take this pa...

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Making Room for Your Own Grief

Share After my mother died, I received a valuable suggestion from my spiritual director to make time each day for a specific period, about half an hour, to express my grief in whatever way it needed to come through. I would pause in the evenings as part of my night prayer and bring my mother’s presence close to my heart. I’d call to mind Psalm 56:8, which says the One who grieves with us puts all of our tears in a vial. Sometimes I would play a piece of music that helped to create space for whatever feelings were moving inside me. Sometimes I w...

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Pilgrimage of the Imagination

Share Choose a particular saint you’d like to make a pilgrimage to in your imagination. You might choose one of the European mystics such as Hildegard of Bingen or Teresa of Avila. It might be an African mystic such as Desmond Tutu or Augustine of Hippo or the Desert Mothers and Fathers. Perhaps you are drawn to a more contemporary mystic from North America such as Howard Thurman or Dorothy Day. To engage in this meditation, you will first need to do a little bit of research. Search online for some articles about the saint you want to encounter...

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Connecting to a Guardian Angel

Share Allow some time to breathe deeply and slow down your mind and body. Notice what your body needs for more ease – some shifting or stretching. Then bring your awareness down to your heart center. Enter the sanctuary of the heart where the divine spark of aliveness dwells. Rest here for some time simply being. Imagine God, the Source of Life, creating a circle of protection around you. Allow a few moments to notice its color. Within this circle you are protected by the Divine Presence in every direction. Ask the Sacred Source of All to revea...

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Calling the Four Archangels

Share Consider engaging in this meditation at bedtime while lying down and preparing for sleep. Take several slow, deep breaths. With each exhale imagine that you are releasing the tensions and stresses of the day. See yourself intentionally letting go of whatever you are carrying and placing it in the arms of the Beloved to hold for you. Drop your awareness to your heart center. Call on the Divine Presence with whatever name you choose. Ask the Source of Life to carry your burdens and worries as you go to sleep and to strengthen you through th...

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Dope Friendships

Share “I look for people who feel like celebration.” “I live within my means, and I am generous with what I have.” “I bring my complete and authentic Self into every situation.” “My healing is interlocked with the healing of the world.” “Real solidarity looks like authentic friendship.” To Practice:Choose one of the above mantras. Focusing on your in and out breath, repeat the mantra in your head. When you find your mind has wandered, gently return to the mantra and the breath. If you are new to meditation, meditate on your mantra for one minut...

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Share “I am enough now.” “If I am tired, I’m going to lay down.” “I am worthy of feeling good.” “I find spaces in my day to return to a restful state.” “This rest is my birthright.” To Practice:Choose one of the above mantras. Focusing on your in and out breath, repeat the mantra in your head. When you find your mind has wandered, gently return to the mantra and the breath. If you are new to meditation, meditate on your mantra for one minute every day for the first week, two minutes every day for the second week, five minutes a day for the thir...

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Mantras for Learning What Makes You Bloom

Share "I am in touch with the Wisdom of my Body." "I am ready to let go of anything that is unhelpful." "I am rooted in my Divine Self." "I am willing to find what makes me Bloom." To Practice:Choose one of the above mantras. Focusing on your in and out breath, repeat the mantra in your head. When you find your mind has wandered, gently return to the mantra and the breath. If you are new to meditation, meditate on your mantra for one minute every day for the first week, two minutes every day for the second week, five minutes a day for the third...

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E-Workshop: Children's Spirituality

Share In the introduction to the 10th anniversary edition of her classic book for children, God’s Paintbrush, Sandy Eisenberg Sasso writes: “We often tell children that God is everywhere, but our children are not everywhere: they are in a particular time and place in their lives. We need to talk to our children where they are, to allow them to look in God’s mirror and tell us what they see.” Spirituality & Practice is delighted to have Sandy Eisenberg Sasso offer a three-hour e-workshop via Zoom about how adults can help children grow spiri...

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Nesting Meditation

Share Sit in a comfortable position, preferably with a straight spine. You want to remain upright so you do not fall asleep, but you also should be comfortable. Find a balance, both soft and alert. Imagine your sit bones rooted in the earth. A small invisible thread pulls from the top of your head and leads straight up through the atmosphere into the unknown. Begin by imagining yourself as a newly born infant. All earthly sensations are brand new: lights are overwhelming, sounds are tremendous, smells are foreign, tastes are shocking. Even your...

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Picking Up the Pieces

Share “In virtually every industry, there are at least a few leaders who know that organizational effectiveness does not require tamping down the creative instincts of the people around them and corralling employees and volunteers inside a box on the org chart. These are unconventional leaders who trust that effective leadership does not have to wear you down to the bone. Margaret Wheatley calls this model of leadership the new story. 'Leaders who live in the new story help us understand ourselves differently by the way they lead. They trust ou...

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