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Open Eyes Meditation Changed Their Lives

What's In This Article: ☰ Toggle One of the surprising things I’ve learned about mindfulness over the years is that for many people, eyes-open meditation is a game changer. In fact, eye exercises in general, such as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation And Reprocessing) and yogic drishti, can have a wonderful effect on our mental health. And it’s not just me. Indeed, it’s in the news today that GOOP co-owner Gweneth Paltrow has released a meditation app called Moments Of Space that is entirely about open-eyed meditation, which the actress claims ...

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I Wasted Years Using Meditation As Escapism. Then I Learned To Engage

meditation and escapism

What's In This Article: ☰ Toggle As a meditation teacher who has been meditating for more than twenty years, it’s fair to say that I’ve learned a great deal about the practice. I’ve learned what does and doesn’t work. I’ve learned the pitfalls that hold people back from progressing in meditation. And I’ve learned one of most fundamental mistakes people make. It’s a mistake I myself made for more than five years. That mistake is Using mindfulness and meditation as escapism. It’s a mistake that is all too easy to make. Inevitably we all go throug...

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Meditation For Flow: Get In The Zone

meditation for flow

What's In This Article: Toggle If you want to get in the zone and experience Flow State, meditation is just what the doctor ordered. In this guide, I’ll reveal the secrets that pro athletes use to “lock in” and to get into flow, and a special guided meditation to help you experience that same state of flow today. What Is Flow State?  “Flow” is the state of mind in which we are completely immersed in an activity, a state in which we are absolutely focused but also relaxed and at ease. In my article on meditation for pro athletes I discussed bein...

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Imagine If Meditation Were Your Lifestyle

As a meditation teacher many people ask me how to make meditation a lifestyle. The allure of doing so is immediately apparent. Imagine spending your whole life with the same feeling of calm that you get when you meditate, no more stress or anxiety, just inner peace and serenity. Does it sound too good to be true? That’s because it is too good to be true. Sorry. I hate to burst your bubble. And I don’t really care what you might have been promised by certain “gurus” like Jay Shetty, Jose Silva, [insert name of any of the other fraudsters]. If yo...

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Corporate Meditation Sessions – The Blueprint For Success

If you take a look online, you’ll find that there are very many sites offering corporate meditation sessions. There’s also a plethora of articles about the benefits of meditation in the workplace. And a whole lot more. Yet nowhere online is there a guide that lays out a blueprint for a successful workplace meditation session. I’m about to change that. Let me introduce myself. I’m Paul Harrison, the creator of this very website, I’m a meditation coach with twenty years experience, and I teach both private and corporate me...

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Meditation Therapy: Our Guide To Healing From Within

Meditation Therapy is a rapidly rising form of psychotherapy with promising potential, and as an expert in this emerging field, I’d love to introduce you to it.  But first let me be honest with you. I never really considered the lessons that I give to be “Meditation Therapy”. That was until one of my clients, John, said that they find our sessions “Very therapeutic” and that it was “as much therapy as meditation”. That’s what made it click for me that the work I do is really beyond the regular old meditation sessions and more about meditation-t...

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Choosing A Meditation Technique? Think Again

As a meditation coach, I’ve come to learn many things about meditation that I never would have known had I not started teaching. For instance, that different people do better with different methods, that for some people its a really bad idea to meditate with the eyes closed, and finally, that when it comes to choosing a meditation technique you should probably do the last one you’re thinking of. Yes, that’s right. Whatever method of meditation you are currently thinking about doing, it is probably not the best option for you.  This is a weird l...

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Is It Meditation?! 22 Activities You MIGHT Do Meditatively

Have you heard people saying that “absolutely anything can be meditation”? It’s a common misconception. While there are many activities that can be done mindfully, there are few exercises that genuinely constitute “meditation”. That’s why, in this article, I wanted to take a look at different activities, whether or not we can use them as meditation, and if so, how? But first, we need to define exactly what meditation is. It is, after all, a very versatile word. For the purpose of this guide, we will define meditation as, “Focusing the mind on t...

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Meditation Gave Me Panic Attacks [Then Cured Them]

Today I was talking to a friend who is a non-meditator. I asked them why they didn’t meditate. Their response was that meditation gives them panic attacks and anxiety. They are not the first person to say this to me.  We all know that there are significant benefits of meditation for mental health. For instance, meditation helps with anxiety and can help with emotional healing. However, there can be some problems with meditation. I say “can be” because honestly it completely depends on how you meditate, which techniques you do, how often, and fo...

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Why Meditation Makes Us Quieter & Less Talkative 

For whole decades of my life I struggled with talking to people and was almost absurdly quiet. And I never realized that my meditation practice was playing into this. That was until about a year ago when I read a post on Reddit in which a community member said, “Meditation is making it impossible to talk to people”. I looked into this, and it turns out that a lot of people are experiencing the same problem. Suddenly aware of how commonplace this side effect of meditation was, I decided to investigate. What I learned is that there are specific r...

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Try Active Imagination. It’s Meditation Done Jung Style

I first came across Carl Jung’s “Active Imagination Meditation” while I was discussing different psychotherapy practices with some friends. One of them had been reading Jung’s Red Book and stumbled upon the technique. I’m glad they did because it is quite fascinating. What first struck me about Active Imagination was how utterly unique it is. It’s a method for exploring the psyche based on dreams. If you’re a fan of the Swiss psychoanalyst and psychiatrist Carl Jung or you are simply looking for a new way to meditate, you really must try this. ...

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How To Get Wise Mind With DBT Meditation

Do you experience moments in your life when you are acting purely on emotions rather than rational thought? How about the opposite, moments when you are all logic and no heart? Neither of these mindsets is ideal. What is ideal is when our hearts and our heads work together, when we are guided by both emotion and intellect. In DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), this is called Wise Mind. Ideally, we would have a perfectly healthy balance of both Rational Mind and Emotional Mind at all times. But this is rarely the case. Usually, one of the two...

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Why Is Meditation Making Everyone Dizzy

Today while I was scrolling through the meditation subreddit, I came across a post asking why meditation makes you dizzy. This is the third time that I’ve seen someone ask this question this week, and so I wanted to write this article to explain why meditation causes dizziness and other issues such as lightheadedness, as well as to provide some helpful tips that you can use to solve the problem. Meditate With Me Join me for a private meditation session. Master meditation. Master your mind. Meditate With Me! As I mentioned, a lot of meditators h...

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Meditation For Just The Right Amount Of Ego

The Daily Meditation with Paul Harrison

The Daily Meditation with Paul Harrison Meditation For Just The Right Amount Of Ego / 14:58 For millennia, meditation has been tied to the concept of “Ego Death” and of becoming selfless. The idea is that if we release the ego and achieve oneness with the universe we will live in a state of perpetual peace. That, however, might not actually be true. While there are inherent disadvantages of being “egotistical” there are also dangers of being literally “selfless”. As someone who suffers from a mental health condition that literally causes “no se...

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Experience Nada Yoga Meditation With This Guide

The Daily Meditation with Paul Harrison

The Daily Meditation with Paul Harrison Experience Nada Yoga Meditation With This Guide / 12:14 As both a musician and a meditation teacher, I’m naturally very interested in any spiritual technique involving sound and music. That could be anything from sound healing instruments such as singing bowls, to exercises like the one I’ll be discussing today: Nada Yoga.  Many people recognise the name Nada Yoga as a form of meditation technique. However, it is more than just an exercise and is in fact a philosophical system described in detail in the c...

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Why You Should See Yourself In Third Person

The Daily Meditation with Paul Harrison

The Daily Meditation with Paul Harrison Why You Should See Yourself In Third Person / 11:50 There’s one little trick that I’ve learned that can immediately increase our levels of mindfulness while also reducing thoughts and emotions. That is: Seeing yourself and talking to yourself in third person. I am honestly quite astonished by how quickly and effectively this little change in perspective can alter my mindset. So, let’s investigate.     Meditate With Me Join me for a private meditation session. Master meditation. Master your mind. Meditate ...

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Meditating Around The Christmas Tree, Have A Happy Holiday

The Daily Meditation with Paul Harrison

The Daily Meditation with Paul Harrison Meditating Around The Christmas Tree, Have A Happy Holiday / 14:06 It’s the most wonderful time of the year. We’re all laying the yuletide gay, wrapping our pressies, and preparing for Father Christmas. Yet for some, it’s also a time of stress and perhaps even heartache. Yes, XMAS can be a rollercoaster of emotions, but mindfulness and meditation can help us to stay calm this festive season. Whether it’s by applying the concept of mindfulness to our gift wrapping or doing a special Christmas guided medita...

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Could Meditation Make Me Tidy & Organized? Let’s Find Out

The Daily Meditation with Paul Harrison

The Daily Meditation with Paul Harrison Could Meditation Make Me Tidy & Organized? Let's Find Out / 13:30 Let me be straight with you. I’ve never really been the tidiest, most organized person. While I’m not a hoarder or anything, I’m also not exactly Mary Poppins. But it turns out that my meditation practice could help me to get a bit more clean and tidy. Meditation can help to organize the mind, and an organized mind leads to an organized home (and vice versa). By incorporating a few mindfulness practices and some meditation techniques in...

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How Meditation Cured My Anxiety

Looking back on my life, one of the most important things I ever did was learning to use meditation to cure my anxiety. Let’s go back some two and a half decades to the late nineteen nineties. The Backstreet Boys were singing I Want It That Way, Buffy was on TV, and Man UTD were the number one team. Oh yeah. And there was me. Little shy guy Paul trying his best to fit in at school with his crippling social anxiety and generalized anxiety. I was a quiet little fella. I sat in the corner at school trying not to speak to anyone but one or two clos...

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How I’m Getting Back On Track 

The Daily Meditation with Paul Harrison

The Daily Meditation with Paul Harrison How I'm Getting Back On Track  / 12:51 I’ve fallen out of sorts lately and today is the day that I am going to pull myself back on track. For a few weeks now I really have not been on the right path. I had been doing great, going to the swimming pool every day and also hiking most days. I’d been working hard on my business, that is, being a meditation coach and working on this blog. Then a couple of things happened. For starters, winter suddenly hit. I’m in Canada and here the weather changes on a dime. A...

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