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Do elephants feel pain and if so, how do we know this?

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Bolivar: "killer" elephant or abused pachyderm?

“Bolivar” was a male Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) which was presented to the Philadelphia Zoo in 1888 by Adam Forepaugh and lived there until 1908. Bolivar was known as a “killer” because he killed at least two men, one of whom offered the elephant a lighted end of a cigar and his trunk was badly burned. The man tried to repeat the “cute joke” and Bolivar grabbed him and crushed his skull. The elephant was kept in confinement, apparently in conditions which might best be described as “inhumane”. He died, according to postmortem pathological...

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The elephant-wallahs' microcosm

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On CITES and conservation related issues

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Captive elephant population in the world: 1988-1999, and notes on other captive elephants elsewhere in the world

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Book Reviews

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The elephant pharyngeal pouch — was the mystery resolved?

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Hannibal and the elephants

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Items passed through elephants' digestive systems and a warning

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