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Where You Get Your Sense of Self-Worth

By Leo Babauta

So much of our difficulties can be entangled with our sense of self worth — from whether we take care of ourselves with good habits to how we are in relationships to how much confidence we have at work.

Think about your biggest difficulties (other than problems at a national or global level) … how many of them could be resolved if you had an unshakable confidence in your self-worth? If you felt whole, complete, and incredibly worthy?

You could create and put your creation out into the world with confidence, and even market it to others.

You could launch a business or venture, create an organization to serve others, teach something you care about.

You could speak confidently in public, put your ideas out there, stand for yourself. You could set boundaries, express your needs, take care of yourself.

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Being Balanced in Chaos

By Leo Babauta

When we’re hit with uncertainty either suddenly or in large amounts, it can throw us off. We can get frustrated, overwhelmed, stressed, discouraged.

This is normal and there’s nothing wrong with it. However, it’s my belief that we can train ourselves to stay more balanced when things get chaotic, stay level-headed and calm, which allows us to become an oasis of sanity that others can rely on.

Let’s talk about how to train ourselves to stay more in balance when things get chaotic.

What Throws Us Off

When we get thrown off, it’s like the rug being pulled out from under us — it feels disconcerting, disorienting, uncomfortable. We don’t like the feeling.

At the core of this rug-pulling is uncertainty. We feel uncertainty and an uncomfortable disorienting feeling when:

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Use Story to Change Your Life

By Leo Babauta

Most of us don’t realize how powerful stories are in our lives, because we don’t even notice that we’re telling ourselves a story. But stories shape everything.

For example, the stories you tell yourself is the reason you feel:

Resentment toward a loved one or coworkerGuilty about what you haven’t doneOverwhelmed by all that you need to doAnxious about the uncertainty of the worldStuck in your old habitsAvoidant of your difficult tasksBored or lonely

Nothing in the basic reality of life makes us feel these things. It’s our stories about our reality that creates the feelings.

Let’s look at how this works in our lives, then how we can use the power of story to change everything we want to change.

How Story Shapes Our Lives

If someone you know says to you, “Would you like some of this salad I’m making?” … what kind of reaction would that provoke in you?

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Mindset Shift to Deal with Overwhelm

By Leo Babauta

In recent weeks, almost every coaching client I’ve been working with has been feeling one big thing: overwhelm.

It seems almost universal: people can’t seem to deal with the big things in their lives because they’re feeling too overwhelmed. They can’t take on their more meaningful projects, because there’s just too much.

You can deal with overwhelm in a few different ways:

Reduce the number of things you do. Eliminate, simplify, reschedule, create space.Be super productive, and crank out a bunch of things.Shut down, throw your hands in the air in resignation, and go watch some TV.Prioritize, and put less important things on hold.Focus on one thing at a time, and don’t worry about everything else for now.

My favorite tools are often the last two — prioritize, and give my full focus to one thing at a time.

But I’ll tell you that none of these really addresses the root problem of overwhelm — and that’s your mindset.

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Creating Deep Shifts within Fearless Mastery

By Leo Babauta

Every round of my Fearless Mastery program has simply blown me away. At the end of the 5-month round of this small group coaching program, we celebrate our victories — and every single person has some profound inner and outer victories to share.

We just finished round 4, and I was overjoyed by the accomplishments people shared! In fact, as we accept applications for round 5 of Fearless Mastery this month, I thought you’d like to hear a few of their victories.

These are just a few samples, but you can get a taste of what people created for themselves.

Courageous Writing Habit, Deeper Meditation, Big Dreams

“Got into a habit of courageously writing about topics that are truly important to me. Intensified my meditation habit, resulting in a way steadier experience in the waves of life. Gave myself permission to dream big.”

Ville Salmensuu, emergency physician

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