Each time you cross a doorway in the days to come, pause and ask Mary to bless your vision, so that you see, with [Thomas] Merton, that the Gate of Heaven is indeed everywhere. This can become a daily practice of cultivating a new way of seeing the world so that everything is illuminated and the doorway to God is revealed in all its forms.

What are the thresholds and wild edges you are being called to in your own life? What are the places you are being invited to journey to beyond the comfort of your usual ways of being? Is there a dream you hold that asks you to trust in something radically new? The wide edges are the places of our inner aliveness, where we stretch beyond the expectations others hold of us and we break free of our own patterns of trying to please others while sacrificing what brings us the most joy.

Ask Mary for the strength to see these thresholds and say yes to crossing over them. Ask her to show you the gate right within your own heart, to see the divine dwelling there in that inner sanctuary. In the space of mystery that thresholds beckon us to dwell in, see in Mary a model for living in presence to this radical unknowing. See how your whole life is a threshold and invitation to say yes to enter into holy mystery. Ask for the wisdom to see heaven shimmering everywhere.

Christine Valters Paintner in Birthing the Holy