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Zen Blog

Grace in the Gray
Grace in the Gray
Making a Litany or “List” Prayer
Considering Your Rituals
Experiencing the God of Nature
Making a Faith Dossier
The Prophet Mani and Christianity’s Problem with Dualism
Laughter Yoga: A Gentle Movement Practice to Get the Giggles Going
The Four Great Vows In Zen Practice
Empire of Light
Try a 5-Minute Self-Compassion Break
The Practice of Letting Go of Mental Constructs
Ensō Verde: Considering a Zen Inspired Retirement Community
On Seeing “Living,” a Small Spiritual Classic
Neptune Frost
Finding the Words
Finding the Words
Nothing Compares

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Yoga is a practice for everyone because it meets you exactly where you are in the present moment. From beginner students to advanced yogis and everything in between, Tao of Light Yoga welcomes everybody at all levels of their journey. There is a place for everyone inside our studio and it is our goal to make each and every student feel at home. It is your time on your mat that is important to us. We, at Tao of Light, will create a space that provides modern comfort for an ancient practice. As both a yoga studio and a sangha, we honor the tradition of the practice while respecting the diversity and individual beliefs of our students.

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