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Don’t Know Mind

teaching Sep 22, 2022 This basic teaching we have is Don’t-Know Mind. We want to know, we think we know, we think we’re supposed to know. There’s all of this bias toward knowing. But we don’t really know. We have this radical teaching – how about admitting the truth that we don’t know and go from there. If we really live that, it changes everything. Don’t-Know doesn't mean stupid. It means What Is It? Suddenly our eyes are open, we’re vibrating with energy because we wonder, “What?”… rather than, “Oh yeah, I know that!” Suzuki Roshi’s quote was...

The Science of Wanting: How We Unhook from Dopamine

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter in the brain that helps motivate us to fulfill our basic needs, but in our modern age of plenty, it can also lead to overindulgence and addiction. So how can we find balance and contentment in an age of instant gratification? The post The Science of Wanting: How We Unhook from Dopamine appeared first on Mindful.

How to Practice Gratitude

Practicing gratitude has incredible effects, from improving our mental health to boosting our relationships with others. Explore ways you can be more appreciative in our mindful guide to gratitude. The post How to Practice Gratitude appeared first on Mindful.

How Practicing Loving-Kindness Helped Me Find My Place in the World

For Jane Anne Staw, the war in Ukraine increased the anxiety she was already feeling, with climate change, mass shootings, political upheaval and COVID. A reminder about the power of loving-kindness meditation helped her find her footing—and her connection with the world at large. The post How Practicing Loving-Kindness Helped Me Find My Place in the World appeared first on Mindful.

A 15-Minute Practice to Soften, Soothe, and Allow Difficult Emotions

By allowing ourselves to experience where tough emotions are present in the body, and opening up to them with love, we can cultivate a sense of peace and acceptance toward the imperfect nature of life. The post A 15-Minute Practice to Soften, Soothe, and Allow Difficult Emotions appeared first on Mindful.

Your Experience Is The True Way

teaching Sep 15, 2022 Our job is to really discover what our experience is. Don’t worry too much about what Buddhism says. Use the practice to discover your own experience and use that experience to attain your true self and help all beings. That’s authentic. That’s real. The teachings will help guide you, but use your own experience to find your true way, and then you can use that true way to help this world. Become who you really are. Each one of us has a different karmic life. Use yours to help the world. Okay? By Zen Master Bon Soeng

How Mindfulness Meditation Eases the Anxiety and Challenges of ADHD

For many people, especially those with ADHD, it can feel like anxiety and self-criticism are constantly tagging along for the ride. Here’s how you can cultivate kindness toward yourself and your restless brain. The post How Mindfulness Meditation Eases the Anxiety and Challenges of ADHD appeared first on Mindful.

Don’t Be Fooled By What You Want

teaching Sep 08, 2022 Don’t be fooled by what you want. Just keep practicing. If you are only after what you want, ultimately you are going to be disappointed. It's not that your practice or discipline leads to what you want; practice leads to some clarity which leaves you more open to what’s there for you. If you lose your clarity, then you lose your ability to move in the world that way. Also, don’t be fooled that practice is only the formal sitting, which is important, but practice is meeting the moment with not-knowing. Our meditation pract...

Right Speech

teaching Sep 01, 2022 Question: As far as keeping that open mind, that Don’t-Know mind, how does that relate to our preconception that it is good for me to have right speech?   Zen Master Bon Soeng: It would raise the question, “What is right speech?” It’s a nice idea to have right speech, but right speech this moment may not be right speech this moment. There isn’t a formula that you can fill in. There are ways that you can talk about right speech in general, but in specific, it depends on the moment. Zen is not theoretical. So all of these id...

Mind Makes Everything

teaching Aug 25, 2022 I think if you look at your own life, you can see that the way you hold your mind and the way you view and perceive these situations that occur in our lives, that it creates the way we respond to them. Our responses are what create the next event. So, our likes and dislikes are really what create the shape and the texture of our lives. If you investigate, you will discover that your likes and dislikes are relative. They are created by our idea, by our conditioning, by our preferences, by our desires, but they are not reall...

Tools to Heal Broken Relationships and Live Healthier Lives

G. Sequane Lawrence is president of Fathers, Families and Healthy Communities (FFHC) in Chicago. His life’s mission is to improve the outcomes of children of noncustodial African American dads, by giving those dads tools to heal broken relationships and live healthier lives. He learned to meditate through the David Lynch Foundation, and now he is working to make TM a pillar in FFHC’s service delivery. “I work with young men who live in some really distressed communities. I don’t want to speak with a broad brush, but some of them have seen real ...

Trust Your Experience

teaching Aug 18, 2022 Student: We like to say “Don’t Know”, as was mentioned in the meditation instruction today. Is there anything that we do know? Is there anything that we’re allowed to know? (laughter) Zen Master Bon Soeng: Do you see this robe?   Student: Yes ZMBS: What color is it? Student: Grey ZMBS: So already you know that. I already said (hits floor) your mind is clear. Trust your experience, you already can see, you already can smell, taste, touch and think. Trust that. Wait, because in the next moment (hits floor) again clear your m...

Although originally published in the 90’s, in my opinion this is one of the most well written press articles on Transcendental Meditation

“TM – Its Effortless : Something Delicious You Sink Into.” Sue Limb – The Guardian I resisted TM for years. My friend Theresa Sullivan learned it in 1976 when we were teaching at a comprehensive school and in desperate need of tranquility. She hinted gently but not evangelically that it might help my head-aches. I’ve always fled evangelism since college, when a girl who dropped in for a cup of tea suddenly started praying for my immortal soul, right there on my own hearthrug among the buttered crumpets. In my ignorance I thought transcendental ...

A Journalist’s Story of Addiction & Recovery

The following is written by multimedia journalist, Dana Knowles, and originally published on Rocky Mountain PBS.  DENVER — I’m not anonymous anymore. I’ve taken my story out of dark church basements to shine a light on my experiences. I’ve given keynote speeches in ballrooms filled with hundreds of counselors and health care workers. I’ve participated in public service campaigns. I’ve shared my story with friends and family in person and over social media. Next month I will have six years in recovery from opiate pain killers and alcohol. On Aug...

Many people say the same about their practice of Transcendental Meditation

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Just One Thing – with Dr Michael Mosley on the benefits of mindfulness meditation

Below a 14 minute programme from this mornings Radio 4 on meditation, specifically mindfulness with Dr Michael Mosely. Whilst I have great respect for the founder of mindfulness Jon Kabat Zinn, in making meditation more accessible to the world, this is almost a masterclass in how not to practice Transcendental Meditation (TM) and a reminder of the sheer simplicity and do-ability of TM : no effort, no concentration, no emptying of the mind. Almost everyone I teach these days has struggled with various forms of “mindfulness” and are looking for s...

Billionaire Ray Dalio went broke in 1982. ‘Mantra’ meditation helped in his comeback

All kinds of people meditate. I do like Ray Dalio’s description of his experience during TM :“You’re peaceful. You’re quiet,” he said. “You’re not awake, but you’re not asleep.” The crazy thing about Transcendental Meditation (TM) is that because it is so simple, it is actually surprisingly difficult to describe accurately.  For example when the article say : “Transcendental Meditation is a form of mantra meditation that eschews chanting and focusing on breathing in favour of repeating a mantra in silence.” The word “repeating” gives the impres...

James Corden takes up Transcendental Meditation

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My Life Without Meditation

The following is written by Karlie Everhart and originally published on her blog.  I started meditating ten years ago. At the time, I had suffered from intermittent bouts of anxiety and was looking for a way to calm the surmounting pressure I constantly applied to myself. The only new-agey person I was familiar with was Gabrielle Bernstein, so I bought her book and her companion meditation CD and that’s how I started. I listened to Gabby’s meditation tracks until I got bored of hearing the same voice over and over and then I switched to the Cal...

The full text of an early version of Maharishi's "Introduction to the Holy Tradition"

I've been following along with the latest developments in the lawsuit against the David Lynch Foundation, and others, in the aftermath of the DLF's latest failed attempt to insinuate the TM program into public high schools. The legality of any entanglement of any government entity in the United States with Transcendental Meditation was successfully challenged by the opinions in Malnak v. Yogi  - which may be forty years old, but that still serves as persuasive authority in US courts - which resulted in an injunction against the TM program in pu...

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