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Peace is not the absence of tension

Greed – the Root of All Social Injustice

Share May Allah make us from those who are selfless, and never allow us to pursue this world to the extent that it disconnects us from Him, our families and the people around us, or from the potential good that He has put within us. May Allah allow us to be people of charity, generosity and people who long for Him and not for this material world. Amin. —Omar Suleiman in 40 on Justice

The Rights of Extended Family

Share May Allah allow us to fulfil the rights of our relatives and those who are beloved to them, and may Allah make us from those who bring happiness to our communities. Amin. —Omar Suleiman in 40 on Justice

The Rights of the Elderly

Share May Allah allow us to honour, respect and love the elders in our homes and communities to the best of our abilities. And may Allah allow us to be treated with honour and respect when we reach old age. Amin. —Omar Suleiman in 40 on Justice

Asylum, Refugees, and Migration

Share Abu Hurairah [May Allah be pleased with him] reported: The Messenger of Allah, may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him, said, “He who gives respite to someone who is in straitened circumstances, or grants him remission, Allah will shelter him in the shade of His Throne, on the Day of Resurrection, when there will be no shade except its shade.” May Allah allow us to fulfil the rights of refugees, and open our hearts towards them, allowing us to help them and grant them protection to the best of our means. Amin. —Omar Suleiman in 40 on ...

Love in Public and in Private

Justice is what love looks like in public

Peace as the Presence of Justice

Peace is not the absence of tension

Responding to Evil with Good

Share Jabir [may Allah be pleased with him] narrates that when verse 7:199 was revealed to the Prophet, may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him, he asked Jibril [peace be upon him], “What is the (taweel) of this verse and what are its implications? So Jibril [peace be upon him] said, “Allow me to ask my Lord and I will come back with more details on this matter. So he went and asked Allah [The Most Glorified, The Most High] and returned to the Prophet, may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him and he said, “Oh Muhammad, Allah commands you...

Speaking Truth to Power

Share He [The Prophet Muhammad, may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him] said, “A Word of justice (‘adl) in the face of an oppressor is the best form of striving (jihad).” We ask Allah to protect us, put courage in our hearts and truth on our tongues. May Allah bless us with the sincerity to speak the truth at the times and in the way that He is most pleased with. Amin. —Omar Suleiman in 40 on Justice

Elitist Privilege

Share May Allah enable us to be amongst those that help the least privileged in society and protect us from taking advantage of our own privileges and harming others. Amin. —Omar Suleiman in 40 on Justice

Prohibition of Torture

Share It has been narrated that Hishan bin Hakim bin Hizam (May Allah be pleased with him) happened to pass by some (non-Arab) farmers of Syria who had been made to stand in the sun, and olive oil was poured on their heads. He said: “What is the matter?” He was told that they had been detained for the non-payment of Jizyah [a tax]. (Another narration says that they were being tortured for not having paid Al-Kharaj [a tax on agricultural land and its produce]). Thereupon Hisham said: “I bear testimony to the fact that I heard the Messenger of Al...

Driving Madeleine

Share Charles (Dany Boon) is a middle-aged taxi driver in modern-day Paris. He’s become frustrated with this job, impatient with other drivers and the hassles from his customers. He’s also in debt and in danger of losing his license. So when he is told about a lucrative fare, he drives out to the suburbs to pick up Madeleine (Line Renaud), a beautiful 92-year-old woman. She is moving to a retirement home. She’s in no hurry to get there and asks the driver to take her to some of the places in the city that have been significant in her life. Alth...

A 12-Minute Meditation for Cultivating Daily Gratitude

Adobe Stock | Adriana We often think about gratitude as happening in response to “good” things, especially if those moments or events are also significant—a new job, a windfall, an amazing vacation. But what about moments that aren’t grand or overtly happy, but are small and emotionally neutral? What does it feel like to notice, take in, and consciously appreciate even the basic things we do every single day? This week, join Kim Armstrong as she leads a gratitude visualization practice. This gentle meditation invites you to shift your gaze inwa...

Planting Hope

Share Author Philip Hoelzel's inspiration for this book came from watching, The Salt of the Earth, a documentary about the life of photographer and humanitarian Sebastião Salgado, and then visiting Salgado's childhood home in Aimorés, Brazil. There Salgado and his wife Lélia created Instituto Terra, an environmental education center at which they and their allies replanted about seven hundred soccer fields' worth (!) of native trees. The book gives readers a snapshot of Salgado's childhood on his parents' farm in the vast Mata Atlântica forest ...

40 on Justice

Share Omar Suleiman is a Palestinian American from New Orleans, Louisiana, an imam, scholar, social justice activist, public speaker, and author. He is an adjunct professor of Islamic studies and member of the Ethics Center Advisory Board at Southern Methodist University in University Park, Texas. He is also the founder and president of the Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research. While Oman Suleiman is well-known for his public speaking and activism, he is the author of numerous books providing religious instruction, such as Allah Loves…, Prayer...

3 Practices For Daily Peace for Busy Midlife Women

This article is independently written and researched by the author, and created in support of a paid partnership between Mindful and Winona. The common lament, “If only I had more time, I’d have more peace,” resonates deeply with many women, particularly those in midlife.  Often referred to as the sandwich generation, women in middle age are often balancing the care of aging parents, the demands of teenagers, and the pursuit of a career. Understandably, this creates a perpetual struggle for time and tranquility. In the midst of these challenges...

On Wisdom

Hindu Wisdom Wisdom is one of the few things in human life that does not diminish with age.— Ram Dass in Still Here Teacher Wisdom Give yourself your own wisdom. You create your own suffering, and you can end it. It is as simple as that.— Byron Katie in Question Your Thinking, Change the World Jewish Wisdom Wisdom is outside of time, embracing past and future in the timeless present. To follow Her is to taste eternity in this moment.— Rami Shapiro in The Divine Feminine in Biblical Wisdom Literature Philosophical Wisdom Applicants for wisdomdo ...

Every Body's Prayer - Expressing Faith through Movement - 2024

Share If you have ever lifted your arms in wonder, spun around to greet someone you love, skipped across a lawn, or even lit up with a smile, you know the thrill of movement and more: You know the joy of dancing your prayers. Your body is a vehicle for expressing all manner of spiritual practices, from wonder to peace, grace to reverence, play to beauty, yearning to love. This is true no matter what the abilities of your body and no matter what you have been led to believe about your limitations. In this e-course, we will start gently with the ...

Navigating Menopause: A Mindful Approach to Managing Symptoms and Embracing Change

This article is independently written and researched by the author, and created in support of a paid partnership between Mindful and Winona. Do you remember your first hot flash? I most certainly do. I was walking through the airport in Barcelona, on my way back home after teaching a retreat. I was browsing a store with beautiful ceramics, looking for some souvenirs for my daughters, when suddenly, without any notice or trigger, I found myself breaking out in a sweat. Not a sweat like when something embarrassing happens, but just this weird, em...

Secrets of Greek Mysticism

Share We weren’t sure what to make of this book at first. Greek gods and goddesses are the subject of interesting mythology and part of the literature canon, but are they a foundation for spiritual practice? George Lizos says yes, and he’s making that happen today. In 2017, he completed the first official priesthood training in Hellenic Polytheism organized by the Supreme Council of Ethnic Hellenes in Athens. This came after the religion’s legal recognition by the Greek government. That religion is known as Greek Paganism, and so now Greek Paga...

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