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The Black Practice of Disbelief

Share “Black Americans began to ask themselves an important question: Why remain within an organization that marginalizes my concerns and preaches against my well-being? Even in these churches, the spiritualized and theologized American Dream excluded them. For others, the prosperity gospel that gained great visibility during the late twentieth century also made a graphic and crude association between the gospel and economic gain…. If the church preached a gospel consistent with US empire building, could the church actually save anyone? If not,...

Please Die Soon: Finding Compassion for Unimaginable Thoughts

My beloved lay dying in the living room. After three years of ducking and dodging the cancer that had been chasing him, there was nowhere left to run—he was officially a goner and his rapidly deteriorating state left nothing to hold on to.  I had been by my honey’s side for almost 25 years, accompanying him through every which kind of joyful and terrifying life situation. He was the love of my life, my dear friend and collaborator, and the person who made me laugh more than anyone else.  Suddenly, he was adventuring where I could not go, having...

Broken Heart, Shared Heart, Healing Heart

Share “When something has broken, and later is mended, the repair is never perfect. “But do you really want perfect? Perfection? Perfect implies no death, but also no deep and sustaining memories that make up your very being, help form who you are. “Your heart is now a mosaic, consisting of the chambers of spiritual, buried, young, and shattered…. Look closely at your heart. It is broken, shattered, but not destroyed. It has changed. Its covering seems to shine, even sparkle. You only get a shine like that from the combination of two ingredient...

Transform Your Meetings With One Minute of Mindfulness

In leadership, we often look for big, bold strategies to improve our team effectiveness, but in reality it’s usually the small day-to-day habits that make the biggest difference. Taking a “mindful minute” before meetings is one of these team habits that we’ve been doing at for the last five years and is fundamental to our strong team culture. Right before a meeting starts, after the initial small talk but before diving into the agenda, the person running the meeting will say something like “Let’s take a minute.” Some people turn...

Forgive Everyone Everything

Share Forgive Everyone Everything by Gregory Boyle reminds us, page by page, that we can always choose to be more expansive, more loving, and more compassionate. Boyle exemplifies the heart of God occasionally through spiritual wisdom learned from folks like Mother Theresa and Marcus Borg but most often through the spiritual wisdom learned from the homies he lives and works among at Homeboy Industries in East Los Angeles. For this volume, Boyle teamed up with Fabian Debora, a street artist and former gang member. Boyle presents anecdotes gleane...

Forgive Everyone Everything

Share "In the end, all great spirituality is about what to do with our pain. We hesitate to eradicate the pain, since it is such a revered teacher. It re-members us. Our wounds jostle from us what is false and leave us only with a yearning for the authentically poetic. From there to here. Holiness is a contact sport, busting us open into some new, unfettered place. We are hesitant, then, not to call it God. Remarkable, incredible, and ... all the other '-ables.' ”

Gregory Boyle

Share Father Greg Boyle is a Jesuit Priest who, in 1988, founded Homeboy Industries, now the largest gang intervention, rehabilitation, and re-entry program in the world. Boyle has transformed the lives of thousands of Los Angeles gang members – and turned the tide of the city’s gang problem — through the therapy, advocacy, education, training, and spiritual care offered at Homeboy. In 1986, Boyle started working at Dolores Mission in East Los Angeles, which was at the time the poorest Catholic parish in Los Angeles. He refers to his years serv...

Leo the Lazy Lizard

Share If someone sits around and apparently does nothing, then they're lazy, right? This book for four-to-seven year olds charmingly sets about dispelling that notion. All the desert creatures — from cougars to badgers to prairie dogs — are puzzled or downright disdainful about why Leo the Lizard doesn't play, dig, climb, howl, or prowl. Instead, they see Leo smiling, eyes open wide, as he reclines on warm sands: "And yet Leo simply goes on in his way.He lies where he lay and he stays there all day.If others don't like it, they'll think what th...

Life After Doom

Share Brian McLaren is one of our Living Spiritual Teachers. A Christian pastor and mentor, he is also a long-time activist and public theologian, conference speaker, faculty member at the Center for Action and Contemplation in New Mexico, and he’s featured in The Practicing Democracy Project. His books center on the practices of vision, faith, openness, and justice. But this is also a more sobering book than McLaren’s usual. The title and subtitle signal as much, but he also puts it right out there, on the opening page: “You see a book with th...

Life After Doom

Share “The Earth’s sentence upon our civilization is based on laws: not laws made by kings, congresses, parliaments, or courts, but deep laws written into the fabric of the cosmos, set in motion at the dawn of time — the laws of physics, the laws of complex systems, the laws of living systems, the laws of cause and effect. The Earth’s judgment will be expressed not in decrees, but in degrees of rising temperature, in numbers and intensity of storms, famines, droughts, and fires. The charges against us will add up until our behavior changes. Of ...

Spiritual Quotation

Share The pure heart is the heart that not only loves God above all things but sees God present throughout all things. —Teilhard de Chardin, Teilhard de Chardin: A Book of Hours by Teilhard de Chardin, Kathleen Deignan (ed.), Libby Osgood (ed.)

Spiritual Quotation

Suffering holds hidden

Spiritual Quotation

Share All that really matters is devotion to something bigger than ourselves. The more I devote myself in some way to the interests of the earth in its highest form, the more I belong to God. —Teilhard de Chardin, Teilhard de Chardin: A Book of Hours

Spiritual Quotation

Share The time is close at hand when humankind will see that in virtue of its position in a cosmic evolution which it has become capable of discovering and criticizing, it now stands biologically between the alternatives of suicide and worship. —Teilhard de Chardin, Teilhard de Chardin: A Book of Hours by Teilhard de Chardin, Kathleen Deignan (ed.), Libby Osgood (ed.)

Practical Nonduality

Share As you’ve no doubt noticed, the term “nondual” is popping up everywhere nowadays. It’s rapidly become the spiritual marketplace equivalent of “organic”: nobody knows exactly what it means, but if you put it on the package, the product sells. While the specific ingredients may remain a bit fuzzy, the label itself powerfully exudes the connotations of “cutting edge,” “evolved,” and “enlightened.” Why has the topic of nonduality suddenly become so hot in our times and what does this say about where our planet is headed and what might be call...

A 12-Minute Meditation for Embracing Your Inner Mountain

This week, we’re going to explore the Mountain Meditation, a practice aimed at grounding us in the present moment. With an upright and dignified posture, reminiscent of a mountain’s enduring presence, we will embody the mountain’s steadfast calm amidst the swirling winds and shifting clouds of life. As you adopt a posture that mirrors the natural ease of a mountain, either sitting or standing, allow yourself to experience this deep grounding. Whether your eyes are closed to deepen internal awareness or open to absorb the surrounding environment...

3 Simple Ways to Cultivate Joy Every Day

The other day I spoke with a friend I hadn’t connected with since the pandemic began. When I asked how she was, she unexpectedly said she had just tasted the best cherry in her life.  Her delight was refreshing, and it didn’t alter the underlying fact that she felt heavy-hearted and off-kilter because of the state of the world. She nonetheless found momentary joy in a bowl of cherries.  Often, we have to coax these small moments of joy into our awareness. We have to let our guard down and allow them rub up against us like a purring cat.  Joy ca...

A Sacred Argument

Share This is an instance when the author of a book is uniquely qualified to write it: Christopher Leighton is the retired founding director of the Institute for Islamic, Christian, Jewish Studies (ICJS) in Baltimore, Maryland, a position he held for 33 years. The Baltimore Institute has been a leading institution in the United States for Jewish-Christian relations for a half-century. In the second half of the book, Leighton tells the story of how, after 9/11, it evolved from a focus on Jewish-Christian relations only, to encompass all three of...

A Sacred Argument

Share “What remains to be seen is whether our religious communities can embolden us to step outside our respective sanctuaries and engage religious and political strangers face-to-face in sacred argument. In this broader public expanse we discover who we and our communities really are. We will step on each other’s toes and make offensive blunders. That fact does not justify our retreat into safe and separate enclaves, avoiding the upheaval and confusion that comes when we see the world through the eyes of others.”

Ordinary Angels

Share The religious traditions talk about two kinds of charity. There is secret charity where you give anonymously with no expectation of either recognition or reward. Its spiritual benefit is that it disengages the ego from your act of generosity. Then there is public charity, where you give and your gift is acknowledged. This is true of those who give and see their names appear on donor lists or in media stories about their acts of good will. The spiritual benefit is that your act of generosity inspires others to join you or find their own wa...

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Yoga is a practice for everyone because it meets you exactly where you are in the present moment. From beginner students to advanced yogis and everything in between, Tao of Light Yoga welcomes everybody at all levels of their journey. There is a place for everyone inside our studio and it is our goal to make each and every student feel at home. It is your time on your mat that is important to us. We, at Tao of Light, will create a space that provides modern comfort for an ancient practice. As both a yoga studio and a sangha, we honor the tradition of the practice while respecting the diversity and individual beliefs of our students.

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