Welcome from TAO of LIGHT!

Thank you for visiting the Tao of Light website.

On the personal side of things, this is a gathering place for Sherri and I to share information, photos and current events with our family and friends. Much of the photos, movies and information can be found in our Social Media sub menu links under the (about us) menu. 

On the future side of things, the site outlines our concept for studio's that combine Yoga, Meditation and Flotation Tank offerings accommodating flexible membership programs. Each area offers individual and group setting schedules along with seasonal off-site retreats for advanced experiences.

Each offering from Tao of Light Yoga is unique and separates our studios from the norm.

As an example, most Yoga studios in the United States today focus exclusively on the physical side of Yoga, almost like another flavor of aerobics with little balance on the meditative nature of the Yoga experience, while this physical preparation is good for your health and can lead one to deeper meditative states, this one-sided approach may emphasize an egocentric based physical paradigm which can be counterproductive to the ultimate path of Yoga.

Pantanjali saw the asana attribute as only one of the eight limbs of yoga, and by no means more important or emphasized. This limb simply has become the most popular and commercially successful in many western markets.

Our focus at Tao of Light prioritizes the meditative nature of Yoga with lightly integrated physical asana's in gentle sustained flows. This focus aligns nicely with other well known meditative techniques such as Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's TM program popularized during his lifetime, in this method, the meditative experience is the key element, as other areas in life experience then become integrated into this base practice. In TM, the practice is repeated twice a day (for at least 20 minute intervals) and can be done in any comfortable position or pose including simply seated in a comfortable chair.

The meditation techniques offered in our studios are based in many forms including Mantra, Mindfulness, ZEN and Concentration based techniques as well as highly accelerated flotation tank meditative experiences. Free-form self-guided tank rental sessions are available for personal one-time appointments and block-time purchased discount programs.

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Namaste - May the divine light in me, honor the divine light in you…”