The Inner Work of Racial Justice Series with Rhonda Magee


Dive deeper into The Inner Work of Racial Justice with Rhonda Magee on where we’ll be hosting excerpts of her book as well as Q&As and guided meditations.

This October 2019, is hosting law professor and mindfulness practitioner Rhonda Magee for in-depth Q&As and live guided meditations based on her new book. Magee explores how the work of racial justice begins with ourselves. When conflict and division are everyday realities, our instincts tell us to close ranks, to find the safety of our own tribe, and to blame others. The practice of embodied mindfulness—paying attention to our thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations in an open, nonjudgmental way—increases our emotional resilience, helps us to recognize our unconscious bias, and gives us the space to become less reactive and to choose how we respond to injustice.

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It is only by healing from injustices and dissolving our personal barriers to connection that we develop the ability to view others with compassion and to live in community with people of vastly different backgrounds and viewpoints. Incorporating mindfulness exercises, research, and Magee’s hard-won insights, The Inner Work of Racial Justiceoffers a road map to a more peaceful world.

Original author: Mindful Staff
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Friday, 06 December 2019
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