Fact-finding results in response to multiple allegations of sexual misconduct by Dagri Rinpoche

Exactly 18 months ago, on May 16, 2019, a group of well respected senior Buddhist nuns urged the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT) “to commission an independent, third-party investigation” into multiple allegations of sexual misconduct by Dagri Rinpoche, “and to make the conclusions of this investigation public.” The call was made public – based on requests – via this blog and people could join it via the petition platform change.org. The petition has been signed by over 4,000 concerned people.

A lot has happened since then and finally there are some results. To give you an overview, here is a timeline, and at the end of this post there are some links for further readings.

In October, 2019 the FPMT Board hired FaithTrust Institute (FTI) to conduct an independent fact-finding assessment of allegations of sexual misconduct on the part of Dagri Rinpoche. A confidential mailbox was set up so anyone who experienced or witnessed harm by Dagri Rinpoche could make a report. On Sept. 19, 2020, FaithTrust delivered to the FPMT Board the final report of their almost year-long assessment, and the FPMT Board promised to publish the FaithTrust summary report within 30 days (i.e. by Oct. 19). That date came and went without any report being published. The petitioners learned that the FPMT Board planned to publish their report on Nov. 6, but that plan was reversed at the last minute, with no explanation given. On Nov. 9, the women who reported the allegations, with the help of an Advocacy Group, sent an email to many Dharma friends and centers, asking them to write to the FPMT Board and request them to release the report. This email included their own report on some of the allegations. You can read this report here: Summary of Reports of Dagri Rinpoche Sexual Assault Allegations. (alt.dld)
The Advocacy Group are:
Roshi Joan Halifax – Zen teacher, Founder and Abbott, Upaya Zen Center
Dr. Janet Gyatso – Harvard University, Hershey Professor of Buddhist Studies and the Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs at Harvard Divinity School
Venerable Lhundup Damcho (Diana Finnegan), PhD – Co-founder Dharmadatta Community, Registered FPMT teacher
Investigator, lawyer – Carol Merchasin
Adviser, former partner in a large law firm, experienced investigator into sexual abuse.
And a number of other people who are currently working behind the scenes.
  Between Nov. 6-12, the majority of the members of the FPMT Board resigned. On Nov. 13, the FPMT Board posted an update on their website about the findings of the assessment, and stating “we accept that, according to the standard applied by FaithTrust Institute, Dagri Rinpoche committed sexual misconduct, which also qualifies as spiritual abuse given his position as a spiritual teacher. We have unanimously determined that the temporary suspension of Dagri Rinpoche from the list of registered FPMT teachers (from which FPMT centers can choose to invite to provide Dharma teachings) is now permanent.”

The senior nun’s update on change.org concludes:

We are pleased that the FPMT Board conducted an impartial independent investigation as we requested. We are also pleased that after this investigation, it has accepted the truth of the allegations, acknowledged that Dagri Rinpoche’s behavior towards these women constituted both sexual misconduct and spiritual abuse, and clearly stated that such behavior is unacceptable. We request the FPMT to now fulfill its commitment and publish the complete and unedited summary report prepared by Faith Trust.

Further Readings

Summary of Reports of Dagri Rinpoche Sexual Assault Allegations – The Advocacy Group, November 9, 2020 Update November, 13, 2020 – FPMT update on the fact findings of the FaithTrust Institute Update November, 14, 2020 by TARA-SOS

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