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28 September 2020
Every so often, Tricycle features an article from Inquiring Mind, a Buddhist journal that was in print from 1984–2015 and now has a growing number of back issues archived at As fires continue to cause disruption and destruction for...
26 September 2020
By Leo Babauta In my coaching practice and Fearless Mastery mastermind group, I work with some high performers. These are people who have excelled at something in their lives. They’re always looking to take themselves to the next level. And they’re a...
26 September 2020
Nothing is permanent, so everything is precious. Here’s a selection of some happenings—fleeting or otherwise—in the Buddhist world this week. Tibetan NYPD Officer Allegedly Spied for China A Tibetan police officer in New York City has been arrested a...
25 September 2020
When presented with difficulty, a first reaction may be to ward off or ignore unpleasant emotions. It’s normal. However, with practice, we can learn to lean on the comfort of safe spaces—or meditation spaces—to instead engage with them directly. One ...
23 September 2020
Caverly Morgan was boarding a cross-country flight when she noticed someone in her seat. After sorting out the mix up, she found herself sitting next to Kevin Carroll, author of A Kids Book About Belonging, for the rest of the trip.  The two of them ...
22 September 2020
Register here to attend a free livestream meditation session led by Dr. Larry Ward today at 1:00 pm EDT.  The existence—and persistence—of racism can be baffling. Our society sees the suffering of historically disadvantaged people and treats them wit...

Thank you for visiting the Tao of Light website.

On the personal side of things, this is a gathering place for Sherri and I to share information, photos and current events with our family and friends. Much of the photos, movies and information can be found in our Social Media sub menu links under the (about us) menu. 

On the future side of things, the site outlines our concept for studio's that combine Yoga, Meditation and Flotation Tank offerings accommodating flexible membership programs. Each area offers individual and group setting schedules along with seasonal off-site retreats for advanced experiences.

Each offering from Tao of Light Yoga is unique and separates our studios from the norm.

As an example, most Yoga studios in the United States today focus exclusively on the physical side of Yoga, almost like another flavor of aerobics with little balance on the meditative nature of the Yoga experience, while this physical preparation is good for your health and can lead one to deeper meditative states, this one-sided approach may emphasize an egocentric based physical paradigm which can be counterproductive to the ultimate path of Yoga.

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Toning the entire body

When most people think of yoga, they think of a gentle, relaxed stretch. This is not without reason: yoga's stress-relieving properties are well-documented. People often forget, however, that yoga is an exercise and does promote muscle toning, endurance and flexibility.

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Targeting problem areas

People often go to a yoga class to relieve specific physical tension and get more limber. “My neck is tight today” or “I really need to loosen up my hips” or “My hamstrings could use some stretching” – have you heard requests like these before?  So today we will explore what it takes to target a specific area. 

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Increased core stability

Core stability is essential for proper load balance within the spine, pelvis, and kinetic chain. The so-called core is the group of trunk muscles that surround the spine and abdominal viscera. Abdominal, gluteal, hip girdle, paraspinal, and other muscles work in concert to provide spinal stability.

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Guided Meditation Techniques

Would you like to learn how to meditate? Does regular focused relaxation, stress reduction and increased calmness sound appealing? Join us for our weekly guided meditation sessions. Group meditation and individual private sessions are available to fit your individual needs. 

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