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27 October 2020
One of the greatest challenges, even in the best of times, is developing a sense of patience and equanimity in the face of uncertainty and discomfort. Life can frequently be uncertain and changing. Things that we don’t want to happen often do, and th...
26 October 2020
Today, we’re going to go to a train station together. But we’re not going to get on any of the trains. Our journey will be into ourselves. We’ll stay in the station with our breath, and in our bodies, and just watch the different trains come and go. ...
24 October 2020
Over 200 members of India’s Dalit community converted to Buddhism after the brutal rape of a young Dalit woman, Sri Lankan monks oppose an amendment giving the president more power, and the Rubin Museum of Art plans a new space for emotional and soci...
23 October 2020
By Leo Babauta In the last week, two separate men told me they fantasize about leaving everything behind and living on a mountain. I can relate to this fantasy, because I’ve had it myself — live a simple life, away from the chaos and burden of this c...
23 October 2020
Canadian poet Tanya Davis recently put out a new videopoem in collaboration with filmmaker Andrea Dorfman: How to Be At Home. Coming a decade after Davis’s and Dorfman’s award-winning piece How to Be Alone, this more recent adaptation feels just righ...
21 October 2020
How are you doing? For Americans facing the COVID-19 lockdown and economic instability through the spring and summer, that became a difficult question to ask—and to answer. Things were already pretty bad. And then the presidential election began in e...

Thank you for visiting the Tao of Light website.

On the personal side of things, this is a gathering place for Sherri and I to share information, photos and current events with our family and friends. Much of the photos, movies and information can be found in our Social Media sub menu links under the (about us) menu. 

On the future side of things, the site outlines our concept for studio's that combine Yoga, Meditation and Flotation Tank offerings accommodating flexible membership programs. Each area offers individual and group setting schedules along with seasonal off-site retreats for advanced experiences.

Each offering from Tao of Light Yoga is unique and separates our studios from the norm.

As an example, most Yoga studios in the United States today focus exclusively on the physical side of Yoga, almost like another flavor of aerobics with little balance on the meditative nature of the Yoga experience, while this physical preparation is good for your health and can lead one to deeper meditative states, this one-sided approach may emphasize an egocentric based physical paradigm which can be counterproductive to the ultimate path of Yoga.

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Toning the entire body

When most people think of yoga, they think of a gentle, relaxed stretch. This is not without reason: yoga's stress-relieving properties are well-documented. People often forget, however, that yoga is an exercise and does promote muscle toning, endurance and flexibility.

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Targeting problem areas

People often go to a yoga class to relieve specific physical tension and get more limber. “My neck is tight today” or “I really need to loosen up my hips” or “My hamstrings could use some stretching” – have you heard requests like these before?  So today we will explore what it takes to target a specific area. 

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Increased core stability

Core stability is essential for proper load balance within the spine, pelvis, and kinetic chain. The so-called core is the group of trunk muscles that surround the spine and abdominal viscera. Abdominal, gluteal, hip girdle, paraspinal, and other muscles work in concert to provide spinal stability.

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Guided Meditation Techniques

Would you like to learn how to meditate? Does regular focused relaxation, stress reduction and increased calmness sound appealing? Join us for our weekly guided meditation sessions. Group meditation and individual private sessions are available to fit your individual needs. 

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